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Hello Ladies!!!

The gorgeous weather this past week has inspired the gals from Salon Bellissima to share 5 of our favorite hair trends for Spring and this coming Summer!  We think you will love these looks, and have lots of fun combining some of them to see what kind of different styles you can create!

# 1:   Blunt Bangs

That’s right!! This 70’s style a la Jane Birkin is back and we dig it! Zooey Deschanel and Camilla Belle are perfect examples of celebs today who are rocking the look!

This fabulous, heavy fringe should be worn below your eyebrows, and slightly longer toward the sides. We’re loving this look on you long-locked ladies paired with longer flowing layers, and slightly angled framing starting  just below the chin. To style: Run a small amount of gel, or a styling serum of your choice through your hair, making sure to get some in your bangs – this will add a bit of shine and some hold while you blow dry. Dry the bangs all forward with a brush curling slightly under if you desire and then flat iron if needed!

#2:  The New (More Extreme) Side Part

This trend is wonderful for you gals who are tired of styling your hair the same way all the time, but aren’t quite ready to commit to changing the cut or color. Changing your part can often make a dramatic change to your style!  To achieve this deep side part, place a comb flat against the side of your head. Where the comb leaves the side of your head is where you should part the hair.  If you like the straight and sleek try pulling it into a low pony to keep it off your neck in the warmer summer months. For you curly girls, try securing one side back with bobby pins. And short hair ladies –  We’re loving Audrey Tautou’s bob with this part and some soft curls!! Davines Shine Drops are a great product to give shine and smooth the hair for a more sleek look, while the Davines Sea Salt Primer adds amazing texture to straight or curly hair!

#3:   The Swoop

This style is fabulous, and is fab to pair with the extreme side part!! We’re loving this wearable style as it can be done to look beautifully un-done or you can make it super sleek and polished for a night out! To Style: Bring fringe, and some hair from top section of the head forward to rest on the forehead lightly. Pull to the side, creating a swoop, and secure loosely with bobby pins or a barrette just above the ear. Dry shampoo is a great way to add texture, or you can use gel to hold and add shine to a more sleek look.

#4:   Low Bun

This is another great style for warmer summer months – and it is SUPER easy to achieve at home! You can leave it loose for a casual bohemian look, or keep it nice and polished for a special occasion or event!

To Style: Give hair a center part (side parts will work too, if you prefer). For a casual look, keep the ears covered and pull hair into a low pony, and loosely wrap ends into a bun and pin. For a more polished look, apply a small amount of  gel, such as Davines Artifixture Gel, to hair, and using a boar bristle brush, brush back until smooth and secure in a low pony. Twist the ends of hair until smooth, and wrap into a bun and secure.

#5:    Ombre

This is probably more than a few stylists’ favorite color trend right now! You have probably seen and heard about this disheveled, sexy look before. It definitely has people doing a double-take! This color technique is done by leaving, or creating, a dark root that extends downward to lighter ends. It can be done as subtle, or as in-your-face as you like. We love it because it is completely unique to every person’s style – no two turn out the same! It’s also pretty low maintenance. It’s meant to look grown out, so touch-ups aren’t needed as frequently. It’s completely hip, and it can be done with all hair colors! When thinking of having this service done, think about whether you want it to whisper, talk, or shout. That’s a great way to make sure you and your stylist are on the same page!

We hope you all have as much fun playing with these great styles as we do! Next time you come in, let us know if you have any questions about any of these trends. We’re happy to help you achieve your desired look!

Here’s hoping the sunshine comes back to us all soon!


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